Regeneration on Teeth

Wendy Gill
Dr Wendy Gill

Regeneration on Teeth

“What’s gone is gone” Or is it?

Often patients are told that bone loss at teeth is permanent, and nothing can be done to bring it back.  Depending on the situation for the person, the tooth, and the area, this isn’t always the case. 

Techniques are available that allow Periodontists to ‘regenerate’ what has been lost for their patients. In the true meaning of the term, regeneration is the regrowth of the original attachment of the tooth and the surrounding bone.

While this may involve a small surgery, modern periodontics uses minimally invasive techniques and down time following procedures is usually less than patients expect. Careful preparation and follow up is essential to obtain the best outcomes.

There is excellent evidence for the use of specific inert grafting materials to create bone infill (Figure 11A)

Figure 11A Regeneration On Teeth
Fig. 11A. Regeneration on teeth.

There are also case reports for the use of specific dental laser protocols to help create an environment that optimizes healing (Figure 11B)

The predictability and benefits of each situation should be discussed with your Periodontist. Cases are examples and individual results will vary.

If the question is ‘Can you bring my bone back?’, the answer may be ‘yes’.

Fig 11B.
Fig 11B. Laser Assisted Periodontal Treatment