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Learn about Gum Disease And Health.

Importance of Good Oral Hygiene
People Oral Hygiene
Plaque needs to be removed thoroughly and frequently to prevent formation of calculus (tartar), which once formed cannot be removed with a toothbrush. Professional cleaning is required to remove calculus and plaque on root surfaces where deep pockets may prevent access for oral hygiene devices.
What are Gum Diseases?
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Gum or Periodontal diseases are a wide range of diseases that affect the gums. The most common types of periodontal disease are gingivitis and periodontitis.
Management of Gum Diseases
If you're told you have periodontal disease, your dentist may propose a range of treatments or refer you to a gum specialist or periodontist for treatment. Depending on your disease severity your periodontist may increase “step up” or decrease “step down” your treatment until your gums are healthy.

Learn about Dental Implants

Dental Implants
You may have heard of dental implants, or your dentist has recommended dental implant treatment to you. Dental implants are widely used in dentistry to replace missing teeth.
Bone Regeneration on Dental Implants
Bone regeneration around dental implants is achieved by grafting bone. Most commonly bone grafting is required when a patient does not have enough healthy natural bone at the dental implant site to support a dental implant.
Soft Tissue Grafting Around Implants
When you attend a periodontist for dental implant replacement therapy, the periodontist may recommend soft tissue grafting along with the implant treatment. This may be recommended to be undertaken prior to, at the same time as implant placement or at the time of uncovering of the implant.

Learn about Treatments

Crown Lengthening Surgeries
Crown lengthening surgery is a procedure that is carried out by your periodontist to expose more tooth structure.
Regeneration on Teeth
"What's gone is gone" Or is it? Often patients are told that bone loss at teeth is permanent, and nothing can be done to bring it back.
Orthodontics and Periodontal Health
Gum disease (periodontitis) is caused by the build-up of bacterial plaque on the teeth. Misaligned or crooked teeth can be difficult to clean properly, which may place you at a higher risk of developing gum disease.